The festive season is here and the theme parties will be popping up. I thought, since I’m already in the mood of giving, let me give you some great tips to go dressed up for your work Christmas party BUT without dressing up.. 

Many of us wish to avoid the annual work Christmas get together, as some of us aren’t into the whole dress up idea. BUT you have to go and you can’t be the only one who didn’t dress up.

You know this story all too well.

Don’t fear I have some Christmas Cheer..
It’s possible to go to dressed up but NOT in a full Christmas angel outfit or striped candy cane jumper thing. In fact, leave those those wacky dress up costumes for the kids. I can get you ready without having to purchase anything expensive. If you can, don’t buy anything use what you have.

The simple solution is: ACCESSORIZE!

My top 5

Heels with decorative shoe clips
If you have a green or red pair of shoes now’s the time to bring them out of the cupboard.

Bling queens can choose shiny sparkles or a bow.

Plain Jane’s can add a novelty Christmas hair clip for an instant shoe upgrade to simple pumps.

Festive headbands

These festive headbands and hair clips are just too cute! The little gingerbread man, snowman and more are found on several styles and christmasy colours. My suggestion is to choose one in the festive Green & Red colours if you want to keep it simple. There is always the classic black that’s a great option to blend into your hair if you have black hair.  BUT.. If you’re feeling brave and daring choose a super sparkly one to dazzle up your look from head -to -toe!


3. Hair clips 


4. Pretty Pin brooch for your blazer    Pin one on!



Christmas clutch purse

 Get a novelty clutch purse. I’m still absoultely fascinated by these purses I’ve come across.

I believe even if you wear a plain black dress and heels, carrying one of these novelty numbers, you’ll make a statement!

 These are such simple yet stylish way to dress up and still be noticed for the right reason when celebrating the season.