If someone ever says to you “oh my gosh that was so last season!”….You can be happy they didn’t say that was so last week! Plaid was in last week, this week it’s a completely different kind of pattern. The spotty and dotty polka dot kind.

To be SPOT ON with this trend, just remember not to join the dots! Only select ONE dotty spotty item for your look. STYLE TIP: Wear a dotted shirt or blouse with a bold coloured pair of pants. It’s the most flattering option for all body shapes.


A more simpler but equally as stylish alternative, is to channel the classic black and white look.



For the more adventurous fashionistas, pop on an oversized coloured coat worn over a polka dot dress. Add a few bold coloured accessories in another colour for a more iconic look.



And now not forgetting the diva with only a few dollars. Think Casual. Wear your go to jeans and sneakers that you already have. You only need ONE dotted/ spotted item for this look. A simple spotted T-shirt will be all you need to purchase.