Shoes are far more than just shoes! Cinderella would tell you that a pair of shoes can really change a girl’s life. With hundreds of styles and an assortment of colours, finding the right pair of shoes is not always easy.

What is a girl to do when you simply can’t buy them all?

To unlock this style secret, FIRSTLY, take a look at your current shoe collection.  Make a note of the colours and styles that you have, as most often than not, we tend to buy similar styles and colours to that we already have. Download MY APP today! It allows you to snap pictures of items in your closet.

SECONDLY, if you are afraid of wearing high heels due to the pasts nasty trips and falls. There is a good chance that you are not wearing the correct heel type that is most suitable for your balance. Not everyone can walk perfectly in sky scraper heels. That’s OK! There are many other heel types that are just as great….


NEXT, browse online and page through some fashion magazines and see what is the current shoe trend. You are likely to have a pair of shoes that are similar to the ones trending. If you don’t have shoes like these, now you have an idea what to buy for the season.

FINALLY,  only purchase shoes that you are totally comfortable in. This means try them on in-store and walk a few steps back and forth. If your feet hurt, or you have to think about it.. Just don’t buy it, because you’ll probably never end up wearing it.

REMEMBER that you can instantly elevate your style to the next level, by simply wearing a gorgeous pair of shoes, but keep in mind comfort is key! (Don’t be caught prancing around barefoot with your shoes in your hands from sore feet)


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