Versace Fall/ Winter 2018 Collection is all about Checks. A few weeks ago, The Royal approval was also given when both Megan and Kate turned up in bluish green tartan.

Now, we can all agree that checks are an all time classic, which are here to stay…

But, the question is

Which kind of Check will you choose for this season and will it be

 Classic or Colourful?

I’ve listed the ultimate top 5 check patterns that can be worn all year round.


1. Tartan
Tartan is always big, bold and easily distinguishable by criss-crossed vertical & horizontal stripes that create uneven blocked checks. This Scottish favourite comes in classic red with green detail.

2. Gingham 

Said to originate from France in its classical Blue and White colour. Gingham is the most basic check pattern created by both horizontal and vertical stripes, resembling an evenly- sized squared pattern.

3. Pin Check

These are pin sized stripes which cross each other to form a checked appearance which looks like small dots when viewed from a distance. The pattern usually consists of a single colour placed over a white background. Blue on white or red on white are common. Men tend to choose this check for their button -up shirts, as it works well with a suit and tie.

4. Houndstooth

This check pattern is notably recognisable by the tightly weaved broken-up lines and uneven checks. In fact, it looks like a sharks tooth or that of a dog, hence the name Hound. It’s a formal favourite check in traditional black & white, but not so easy on the eyes. My suggestion is to wear a plain blazer in either black or white, over a Houndstooth collared shirt or dress.

5. Madras

Colours of the rainbow…inspired by it’s Indian Summer origins. Almost always Madras checks are found on soft summer fabric, such as linen and cotton. The unevenly spaced check stripes create a sense of depth. (volume)  Light and vibrant in colour, it’s the most casual kind of check ideal for summer beach partying. Men can easily create a casual look by pairing up jeans/chinos with a Madras check shirt.