Your 40+ Weeks of Maternity Style: SORTED!

One less thing that you’ll have to worry about…

Congratulation! You’re going to be a MUM!

Whether you’re excited or super scared this will be a time of your life that you will experience some wardrobe changes, especially if this baby #1

1st trimester
For a new mum- to- be, what to wear or what to buy isn’t so simple. If you’re like me and have this idea that woman end up almost instantly with a beach ball belly.. That’s the furthest from the truth!  no matter what people say)

Keep Calm! The good news is that you can wear your usual clothes for at least the first three months. Your body will desire extra comfort in the upcoming months so keep an eye out for soft flowing tops, leggings and make use of layering.

2nd trimester
For some, this trimester is when you’ll notice more visible growth. l strongly recommend that you choose a soft, light and neutral colour palette for your maternity collection. Why? simply, because neutrals are the most flattering on all skin tones and body types. These colours go with everything regardless of it being day or night!

3rd trimester
If you still haven’t grown a slight baby belly by now… I promise it’s coming! Maybe you’ll be one of those that grows at the last minute…You’re one of the lucky ones that went through pregnancy undetected to those that couldn’t see anything ( including yourself) in the past  months.

The saying “comfort is key” will become true, during these final months. If you haven’t by now, a great idea is to buy clothes 2 sizes bigger than you original size from the regular women’s department and not the maternity section, if that’s your preference.


If you have breastfeeding intentions, talk to your Stylist about nursing blouses and bras options that are best suited for you.

And Finally, Post Maternity
The baby is here, but you still have a belly and look pregnant… seriously? Unfortunately, that’s going to be the situation. Your body has gone through an unbelievable transformation and requires A LOT of time, in fact weeks to recover!  So hold on to your maternity wear as you won’t wear your mini skirt yet just. Take the time to you relax. You deserved it!