Women throughout the world have been victimised and abused. Often the authorities turn a blind eye and even have the nerve to say that the victim “asked for it.” ¬†This is the most absurd idea anyone can come up with, as no one asks to be beaten, kicked around or raped… AND most certainly not, does their clothing act as a reason to justify the abuse!

Women should be able to wear what they want. If a woman wants to dress up fashionably, she should be able to. I am aware that some religions have their restrictions, which I respect. However, all religions should value the principles of life and dignity.

Therefore, in liberal countries whereby women have the freedom to dress as they wish. I would like to point this out: Wearing a mini skirt (in liberal countries) has never been a crime nor has it ever been a reason for a pathetic, sick, criminal to use this as justification for acts of abuse or rape. Criminals already have cynical motives, they simply seek out excuses for their actions!

Today, on this International Women’s Day, I have words of empowerment for each and every woman, mother, grandmother and daughter. If you have the option to defend yourself, have the courage to do so. There are some good people left in the world, that are willing to help. Don’t be afraid to talk if you can. I’ve never been one to sweep things under the carpet….

Don’t ever believe that you are worthless. This is one of the greatest lies to hold you down. Instead always remember (even if no one says it to you) that you are loved and were beautifully created.

Finally, remember that you are strong and powerful. Stand up tall today, for yourself and for every woman out there who can’t. Check out what Gucci presents with Salma Hyeak to CHIME FOR CHANGE.

Happy International Women’s Day