These shoes are something every woman should have.

It’s truly revolutionary.

I’m sure we have all had someone say … “you have so many pairs of shoes, so why do you need more?”

Of course the answer is, that you can never have too many pairs of shoes! Us ladies all know that there’s just too many fabulous styles, colours and heel types so there’s always a need to buy more and MORE!

But, recently I saw this video that kinda solved this shoe obsession.

It’s a pair of shoes that can transform into several styles with interchangeable heels! The range of shoes come in an assortment of colours and heels that can be easily mixed & matched.


Finally there’s a shoe that can be worn as a flat sandal and then changed into a high heel in a couple of seconds. I can just see myself starting the day off by strolling around in flats and then later take it up a notch for cocktails by changing the heel into a higher one.

So where can you buy these shoes? They are only stocked by a handful of boutiques in Germany but they can be ordered online to be shipped worldwide. They are sold by MIME ET MOI a Germany Company and yes… these shoes do come with a price tag but they are totally worth it.

Just think about how much money 3 or 4 pairs of shoes would cost, that are no where as evolutionary as these. It’s also worth the money to stop hearing the story that you have one to many shoes…

But nah.. who are we joking? even if we bought these shoes we would still go out and keep on buying more because the whole truth is…. we can NEVER have one too many pairs of shoes.