We all have experienced the sadness of going shopping in-store and then not finding our size!

Why does it always have to be the size we’re looking for ???

Don’t worry… Many of us, including myself a few years ago, may not know that there is very little difference between a size up or one size down. It is literally a couple of cm differences that makes an item an XS or an S etc.

With this information in mind the days of size issues are soon coming to an end!

How exactly? Well, Many stores are chain stores, meaning that they have several branches nationwide. Often these stores provide great customer service and are more than willing to assist, by searching for your size in another store that may have stock. If you’re lucky some stores will even try to source the item for you from a distant branch, if you’re willing to wait a few weeks. This is one of the easiest way to find your size with the assistance of in-store customer service.

Alternatively, a faster option would be to search the store’s online website or app of the item you want. Often there is a search section with a magnifying glass icon.

If there is, simply search the SKU Number or item name to locate it faster than browsing the entire site. Should the site indicate that the item is not in stock, there is an option to add it to your wishlist.

The Wishlist icon (examples below) often appears under the product next to the shopping cart icon.

A Wishlist is an online feature which captures the details of the items that you want. (wish to have)

The wishlist also acts as a feature to inform you of when your out of stock or sold out items, become available.

But if you’re like me and just  can’t bear the thought of leaving the store without the item or abandoning your online shopping cart. You have the option of buying a bigger size as often larger sizes are more frequently available. You may ask why would you want to buy a bigger size, if that is not your size?

Think Layers!

Some basic wardrobe essentials can be seasonally versatile, however, we often tend not to look past the combination worn by the store maniqune or online model.

Always remember that: T-shirts can always be worn over a vest.


a pair of leggings can always be worn under a pair of jeans.

Layering is essential for winter and those wet rainy days. Being comfortable and warm is non- negotiable. So if the blouse is too big, simply wear a vest underneath it or throw a cardigan over. For added style pair it up with a skinny belt to accentuate your waist.

I believe that these shopping tips are especially handy when shopping for children that constantly outgrow their clothing & shoes. Teenagers  can also find this useful as they tend to experience weight fluctuation. Even Mums -to- be can also use these tips to avoid the shopping drama and added financial stress of having to buy a new wardrobe to accommodate their pregnancy.


When buying boots, it’s advisable to purchase a size bigger for added comfort when wearing socks. So if you are a size 36, purchase a size 37. You also have the option of putting shoe insoles as sometimes the cut differences in the sizes can be a bit too much. The insoles will make the shoes tighter and much more comfortable. Once the insoles are in, pop on a pair of socks and you’re good to go!

So re-think sizes and learn to layer your clothing.