It’s in the detail or the lack thereof…

Sometimes you may come across a hotel boutique or online store that always seems to stock luxury designer products at discounted prices. These products are likely to be replica knock-offs, hence the price. If the price isn’t a red flag, I suggest that you keep an eye out for the finer details for spotting a Real Fake Replica.

All authentic luxury products all have incredible details embedded into them. The Luxury designers for high fashion houses insist on impeccable details far beyond the seen zips and stitches. However, most people would never know the difference between a well disguised knock off and an original. You may think that you could tell a real and replica apart if  you saw both side by side…

It’s not so simple, especially when the stitching appears the same, the colour and logos. So how exactly is one expected to discern the difference without the price tag?


Feel the fabric quality
Inspect the stitching inside AND out.
The thread should not be clearly noticeable. If it is, then you know what it is..

Pay attention to the stitching especially at the corners as it’s often the tell tale sign.

REMEMBER, to search the online store. Note: the colour and style variations available for the product.

Pay attention to fonts and Logo
The garment Tag


Know which direction the zipper should be placed at.

Understand the meaning of the Production Code:

Replicas often have random codes that are often contradictory to production location of the product. An example of an authentic product has a two letter combination indicating the production location such as FL and SD (France) followed by a four digit number. The first two numbers indicate the month the item was produced. Its a number from 1- 12, whereas the last two digits indicate the year the item was produced.

This code reads as follows: The product was manufactured in (France) SD in month 10 (OCTOBER) in year ’18

The stamp:
Notice how the stamp on the fake bag looks printed on top of the leather, whilst the authentic bag has the stamp blended as part of the fabric, as seen in the image on the left.

Length of zipper pullers:

I am sure from a glance that you think the replica is the image on the left. You’re WRONG, as you probably thought it was a replica judging by the tatty looking hardware. This could be the issue with most replicas, however, in this particular lesson you need to look beyond what appears as “obvious” Now, have a closer look at both the zipper pulls. Can you see that the image on the right has extra length near the hardware stud? An authentic bag does not have any extra length as seen in the image on the right.

Authenticity cards:
Note: Louis Vuitton and Hermès bags don’t come with one but some other brands do.
Often replicated cards have a printed hologram sticker and print boarder. Whereas authentic authenticity cards have a gold trimmed boarder and usually a plain sticker .
Other clues are font size and number.

Congratulation, You’ve now completed your basic lesson in Fashion 101 for spotting a replica.