Nikes and your dark jeans.. look at you!

Sporty styled mum’s who love those yoga pants and tops. This post is for just for you!
Let’s take your style up a notch to create an athleisure wardrobe that’s more than matchy matchy. Celebs like Gigi, Kendall and Gwen have channeled this look perfectly.

Here’s some TIPS to help you get the look:
* It’s vital to remember that athleisure is NOT a gym clothing collection. It’s a combination of wearing athletic and leisure pieces together.

* Layer up your look for some sophistication. The ultimate bonus about layering is it’s versatility allowing you adapt to to weather while on the go. Choose soft and lightweight fabrics for the underlying layers as these touch the skin directly. You can experiment with thicker and heavier fabrics for the outerwear.

* Step out properly! Shoes are the most important item of all as you’re always on your feet.
Invest in some comfortable sneakers that are made for walking. Look for orthopaedic, cushioned or supported shoes.

* Before you dash towards yet another black or white piece;  be adventurous and try incorporating bold prints and bright colours that you would generally overlook.

You might just suprise yourself!