The Royal Romance

From the Givenchy dress to the guest list. Megan is a bride that ensured this was her day regardless of the Royal Family and their politics.

I’m so proud of her in every aspect. If, you didn’t know, Megan refused to invite Trump despite him being friends of the Royals. Yes! She didn’t care even if he is the president..

Exactly so what? She shared her day with the guests on her Guest list. Megan had the right to do this … After all it was her wedding not the Queen’s. Finally, I really hope  people around the world in every corner of the globe, get the message that it’s the bride who decides on every aspect concerning her wedding… INCLUDING who is invited!

Thankfully no uninvited people attended. Well done Megan! Thank you for showing the world that it’s your important day, not theirs!

I’m overjoyed this was the wedding that finally said NO no no and NO!

No to racism, no to judgements and no to who must be invited because of the sake of it. It really was the fairy tale wedding that was shared with those that truly cared.

I absolutely love the dress Megan chose for today. Givenchy created the gown with minimalist detail which really captured Megan as a person. The slighly off -the shoulder along with the straight neckline was a perfect choice for this regal occasion. The long sleeves added a sophisticated touch of elegance to the plain dress.


If you are concerned about the price of this Givenchy creation.. The price really doesn’t matter when you are marrying a Prince. If only we could all be so lucky like Megs!

Congratulations! To The Duke and Duchess of Sussex.