when it’s NOT yours..

Firstly, forget about wearing white! It’s an absolute No No. Secondly, it’s a wedding, not a funeral so don’t drag yourself their in a black dress.

FOR Summer & Spring: soft pastel colours in
redish pink, pale yellow/ orange, lime green



FOR Autumn & Winter: light grey, lilac/ plum purple, navy blue or emerald green


Regardless, if it’s formal attire or beach vibed casual, one of my favourite sayings:

“less is more” is the only advise you need.

So, keep away your oversized bling rings and things.

Focus on a simple and minimal style as a clean polished look always works best. Choose a
Knee length or longer dress as these silhouettes are most appropriate and flattering for all figures.

Accessorise with a pair of earrings and pretty clutch purse.

So Simple, outfit Sorted!